Customs Clearance service, thanks to our infrastructure allows us to do it from the land customs and ports in the country of Guatemala and the Almacenadoras, Free Zones, Air Express, the capital of Guatemala.


Our costs are within the ranges managed in this type of service, and we welcome contributions based on the frequency, volume loading, and the uniqueness of each client.

  • Customs Offices of Import & Export in Mexico, Guatemala, Central America and Everywhere.
  • Development of customs declarations ID, ID, DA, DR, ED, MI, MR, etc..
  • Tariff Classification and Valuation of items of goods.
  • Temporary Import and Export.
  • Filling the requirement of tariff headings.
  • We manage the various regimes, and Destination Customs Operations allowed (Temporary Deposit Charged to (29-89), Definitive, etc..).
  • Negotiations with Government Offices (SAT SEADEX, MAGA, ETC).
  • Merchandise management and documentation.
  • Analysis and verification of documentation (receive, process and dispatch).
  • Tax Payment (via Internet).
  • Shipment Tracking, Customer Service.
  • Rates of external services (insurance, storage, transportation, operations, etc..).
  • Step in Transport Companies (Air, Maritime, Land).
  • Recruitment of National Insurance and International.


  • National and International.
  • Types (Water, Air and Land), FTL, LTL, FCL, LCL.
  • International Logistics.
  • Merchandise Collection.
  • Cargo consolidation and deconsolidation of Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Ciudad Hidalgo) to Guatemala, Central America and elsewhere in the world and vice versa.
  • Storage and Transshipment maneuvers by.
  • Merchandise management and documentation.
  • Charge Transport Warehouse, Bodegas inside and outside the city limits of the capital of Guatemala.
  • Reservation of spaces with transportation companies.
  • Monitoring the physical location of the load.
  • Recruitment of National Insurance and International.
  • Commercial Representatives.
  • Consultancy in International Trade.


  1. Coordination of shipments from origin to destination: Collection of Goods, International Transportation, Customs Export Processing, Transportation Internal Guatemala, Central America, Customs Import Step in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, or transits to the same countries.
  2. Integrated customs broker in Mexico and Central America.
  3. Trucks (Dry Box) 45, 48, and 22 'foot platforms.
  4. Consolidated service from Mexico D. F, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, to Guatemala City, or any Central American country, respecting transit times accordingly.
  5. Personalized attention of your shipments from origin to destination.
  6. City Guardian Service from San frames Tecum Uman to any destination in Central America.