We were born in 1,991, on the southern border Mexico - Guatemala as most offices that currently exist in San Marcos Tecum Uman, Guatemala offering only customs clearance, and transits to Central America began with the name: Customs Advisory Fredy Lopez.In 1,995, we incorporate our Patent Office Professional Agents and signature of Customs authorized by the DGA so we took the name of: AGENCY BUSINESS CUSTOMS: FREDY ORLANDO LOPEZ.

Thanks to our projection, and of course the confidence and acceptance of our services, we move forward, and 1,998, We attach to our service customs service Freight Consolidation and complete cargo from Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, M &ecaute; xico to Guatemala and Central America, Land Transport Our Own, for that, we opened our sister company: "Consolidating and International Transport of the Pacific"", a name which allowed us to further development and growth.

In 2,003, we form a strategic alliance with Mexican and Central American, dedicated to the Transportation, Logistics and Customs Offices, which allowed us to develop the market of Mexico, provided transportation, Customs Clearance, International Trade and Consulting from Mexico to any country in Central America., is for them that long-range expectations, our trade name and changed that date on we call"CUSTOMS LOGISTICS, TRANSPORT AND PACIFIC consolidator, CORPORATION", and our name Business is "TransPacific LOGISTIC", a name that we have entered the market multinational, USA. States., Mexico, Guatemala, Central America and Rest of World.

2.012 today with more than twenty years after the birth, and clinging to the same vision and values maintain the same mission: To provide a single service, Agile, Dynamic Responsible, Honest, at the level required by modernization and globalization Commercial Partners have Business in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and in many parts of the world, and our infrastructure is present in Ports Customs, Air Express, Almacenadoras, and Border Country. We have offices in: Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas, Mexico, San Marcos Tecum Uman, Ports and Guatemala City.